Fotograf Patric Johansson
Borgargatan 4
117 34 Stockholm

Phone: +46 (0)8 669 49 06
Mobile: +46 (0)708 11 05 23

"Maybe I'm not a photographer - I'm just curious."

Patric's own words about his work can seem surprising. But okey, Patric, the words arouse our curiosity...

When we see his images we better understand what he means. In a way it's the same thing to work with kitchen tables, famous authors like Lars Forsell or golf stars like Annika Sörenstam.

Since 1997 Patric - the country boy from Gladhammar - has worked with his own business and his second passion. His first passion? His lovely family in Bromma, Stockholm (Camilla, Ella and Gösta).

Patric works for interior companies like Mio Möbler and interior magazines. For other lifestyle magazines and advertising agencies he works with portraits, documentaries and travel stories.

How fun is a trip to Cuba? Patric's pictures tell the story. It's all about being curious. How would that chair look in your living room?

Tomas Hagfeldt, friend and editor/golf digest.

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